International AIDS Society

Social Responsibility

In an effort to ensure that IAS 2015 is socially responsible, the Conference Secretariat has taken measures to:

REDUCE the environmental impact of the conference while supporting the local economy by:
  • Using local suppliers who have good social responsibility policies whenever possible,
  • Supporting environmental and social projects and giving conference attendees the opportunity to do so through the registration process,
  • Making the conference programme available online and through the mobile application (free download), thus reducing the number of publications printed,
  • Using eco-friendly or sustainable textiles for the production of conference materials, such as recycled PET lanyards and delegate bags made of cotton.
REUSE conference surplus by:

Providing donation boxes at IAS 2015 to help reduce waste of conference supplies and material. Donation boxes will be available at various locations throughout the venue. Those wishing to donate items that will no longer be needed after the conference (delegate bags, office supplies, exhibition material, clothes, etc.) can leave the items at any of the donation boxes. All material will be donated to the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau.

To learn more about our donation programme at IAS 2015, please click here.

RECYCLE conference waste by:

Giving conference attendees the opportunity to recycle their waste through sorting bins placed throughout the venue.

  1. Our greening efforts by:
    • Communicating these efforts to our staff, suppliers, delegates and exhibitors.

  2. HIV and AIDS issues for non-delegates by:
    • Expanding our online coverage of conference issues,
    • Building the online infrastructure to globally support the virtual participation of individuals and organizations unable to attend the conference,
    • Giving our volunteers access to sessions and content of the conference.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Convention Center

The Vancouver Convention Centre maintains an extensive environmental program and works closely with clients to ensure sustainability for all their events.

The following CSR measures are implemented at the Vancouver Convention Center:


Using sustainable materials:
  • Local British Columbia wood products from sustainably-managed forests are used throughout the facility,
  • A “scratch” kitchen specializing in freshly prepared meals using locally produced and grown products and offering locally produced wines from British Columbia’s award-winning wine regions is operated,
  • Prepackaged canned goods are avoided and nearly all condiments are served in bulk or reusable containers,
  • Cutlery, china, glass and cloth napkins are utilized,
  • Green SealTM and EcoLogoTM approved cleaning products are used facility-wide, including in the kitchen and food service areas.
Energy-saving measures:
  • An energy management system controls and reduces energy consumption. Energy consumption is measured and monitored throughout the facility with carbon emissions calculated quarterly,
  • A seawater heating and cooling system takes advantage of the adjacent seawater to produce cooling for the building during warmer months and heating in cooler months,
  • The convention center’s unique roof is designed to act as an insulator, reducing heat gains in the summer and heat losses in the winter,
  • The roof is also home to four beehives with European honey bees. The bees help pollinate the plants and grasses on the living roof while supplying honey for the ‘scratch’ kitchen,
  • Natural light and ventilation are maximized throughout the facility.
Water-saving measures:
  • A restored marine habitat is built into the foundation of the West building. Water quality in the area has improved dramatically, with the growth of a large variety of sea life,
  • A sophisticated black water treatment plant provides toilet flushing water and rooftop irrigation during warmer weather. Potable water use has been reduced by 72.6%.
  • An average of 180,000 kilograms of materials annually is recycled; nearly half of the total volume of waste generated. This includes batteries, lighting ballasts, wood, organics, metal, glass, plastic and much more,
  • Approximately 135 to 180 kilograms of organic waste is recycled weekly,
  • Recycling bins are placed throughout the venue.
  • Purveyors are encouraged to deliver their goods in reusable containers,
  • The Vancouver Convention Center works with suppliers with a strong commitment to the environment.
To learn about the venue green initiatives and sustainable design please visit www.vancouverconventioncentre.com/thefacilities/environment/


Sustainability Programme

At the 8th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, the conference organizers offer delegates the opportunity to contribute to a sustainability programme by ticking a box on the registration form.

All donations given by IAS 2015 conference delegates will support two different projects providing environmental, social and economic benefits: The Stephen Lewis Foundation and Afrique du Sud, Bidonvilles.